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Packaging and Fulfillment

EXPANCO's packaging, assembly, and fulfillment operation provides our clients with vocational opportunities and training.  Most of our workforce is able to work on shrink-wrapping, skin packaging, collating, bagging, box stitching, blister packaging, gluing, and labeling.
EXPANCO also offers re-work options that are done by our workforce in our 40,000 square foot production facility located in South Fort Worth.
Customers bring their packaging, assembly, and fufillment jobs to EXPANCO because we provide dependable, accurate and affordable options.

Expanco Employee Connection (EEC)

As part of our complete vocational offerings, we provide a group of job coaches and job placement specialists that go out into the community and search for jobs for our clients.  These clients have proved that they are able to work outside of EXPANCO and desire to be part of the community.
EEC focuses on matching the skills of the clients with appropriate jobs, with the goal of each placment being that each client become as self-sufficient as possible, while also contributing back to the community as tax payers.
Both of these divisions are located at:
3005 Wichita Court
Ft Worth, TX 76140
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